Best Blackberries


At Wilderness Farms we produce the sweetest blackberries you can get.  We let our berries ripen on the canes and are picked at the peak of their flavor.  blackberry harvest 1We hand pick our berries when they are fully mature to ensure you get the freshest, most favorful fruit possible.  This is not true for most of the blackberries available.
Many are picked mechanically before they fully ripen to reduce damage to the delicate, mature fruit.   blackberry picking 1A lot of the fruit is imported and has to be picked prematurely so it ripens in the packages in transit, giving it a tarter, less sweet flavor.  Picking the blackberries at their peak flavor allows us to offer naturally sweet jam and juice that requires less added sugar.  During the summer-time harvest, Wilderness Farms employs a mixture of local students and migrant laborers to pick and process the berries. 


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