أغسطس 242016

I would like to introduce our blackberry recipe contest.  Sign up to receive our specials and seasonal updates and then send me your recipe.  I will pick my favorite each week and send the winner a pint of their choice from Grandma Jo’s Blackberry Jam collection.   This is a great chance to share your awesome recipes, keep informed about Best Blackberries news and specials, and a chance at winning some great jam.  So check back each Wednesday to see if your are the winner.  Good Luck!

أغسطس 242016

Gonna start off our recipe contest with a very simple but delicious, tasty snack recipe.  You will need your favorite cracker, I like original Ritz, some soft cream cheese, and some Grandma Jo’s Blackberry Jalapeno Jam.  Spread a thin layer of cream cheese on the cracker, then drop about half a teaspoon of the blackberry jalapeno jam on top.   This makes a nice snack or even desert, light and delicate with tiniest bit of hot flavor mixed with the sweet blackberry taste.  Top this recipe and win a pint of your choice of Grandma Jo’s Blackberry Jams.  To enter our contest click here and then send me your recipe.

يوليو 202016

We just added three new places in central Illinois to pick up Grandma Jo’s Jams and Fruit Spreads and Wilderness Farm’s 100% Pure Blackberry Juice. Nuthatch Hill BBQ in Lincoln, Hill Prairie Winery in Oakford and The Perfect Pair Antiques and Salon in Warrensburg all have your Wilderness Farm products available. So whether you are buying some wine, great pork BBQ, or some classy antiques, get your blackberry fix in central Illinois.

يونيو 202016

Seymour D. Van Gundy, retired dean of the UCR College of Agriculture and Natural Resources along with the Redlands Horticultural and Improvement Society, note that blackberries have several health benefits apart from being a tasty delight.

Scientists have found berries have some of the highest antioxidant levels of any fresh fruits, measured as ORAC (oxygen radical absorbance capacity). Fresh berries are some of the most powerful and delicious disease-fighting foods available.

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Pigments in berries are powerful antioxidants. Blue, purple and red color has been associated with a lower risk of certain cancers and with urinary tract health, memory function and healthy aging.

Blackberries, which are rich in antioxidants, help the body in fighting free radicals and thus avoid various types of cancer.

The high tannin content, and the resultant antiseptic properties, of blackberries makes them good for tightening tissues as well as treating minor bleeding with their anti-bacterial properties, and blackberries can even help cleanse the blood.

Consumption of blackberries has been found to be beneficial for those suffering from diarrhea and intestinal inflammation.

Mild infections, such as sore throats and mouth irritations, can be treated with the help of blackberries.

Blackberries have also been used to alleviate hemorrhoids.


يونيو 202016

Starting soon, like next week, we will start picking, delicious, Wilderness Farms blackberries.  This season we will be offering fresh picked blackberries available at our farm.  These fresh, vine-ripened blackberries will be available at only $2.50/lb with a 4 lb minimum order.  You will need to make your order by phone, call or text to Merrell at 618 292-3586  and your blackberries can be picked up between 8-4 Monday through Saturday.

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مايو 182016

Merrell and Grandma Jo will have all the jams, spreads and pure, blackberry juice available to sample this Friday and Saturday, May 20 and 21 at the Great Pumpkin Patch in Arthur, Illinois.  The 200 Acres and Hobnob Market present a celebration of vintage and handcrafted goods, artisan foods, DIY demos, live music and more.  Click here to check out all the information for times and tickets at the Back Forty Market.

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سبتمبر 212015

During this harvest season, I spent a morning in the blackberry patch picking berries and meeting some of the other pickers.  The morning started early around 6 a.m.  Picking needs to be done early before the temperature gets too hot making the delicate berries too fragile to pick.  blackberry picking 1There were about 6 pickers and me that morning in July.  We were each assigned a row and given lined buckets for our blackberries.  On the row next to me, Emily, a second year college student was gathering berries.  She searched through the plants top to bottom trying to get every ripe berry from the vine (female pickers generally are more thorough than their male counterparts).  She worked mostly in silence, no earbuds, spending her summer morning earning some education funding.  On the row opposite, Coe, a couple years out of high school, was picking berries.  Coe, who claimed his namesake was the outlaw singer David Allen Coe, was earning a few extra bucks working in the outdoors, in the process of finding his path through life.  blackberry 1I got to the end of my row and took my berry bucket to be weighed.  I did fairly well, not the first done with a row, but I did have the most berries, about 14 lb.  If I could have kept up that pace for the remaining of the picking day, around 4 hours, I could have earned around $50 to $60 for an early morning’s work.  Lots of up and down, bending over, I would certainly have to build up my back to be able to pick everyday and still be able to walk upright.